Standing Together

Providers & Caregivers 


Our mission is to create an environment where our Personal Care Assistants are set up for success, empowering them to provide the utmost Personal Care Services across the state of Minnesota.

PCA Providers Unite seeks to improve work conditions, employee benefits and care provided to the community of clients in need; all the while ensuring agencies are compensated in a fair manner. Without the government agencies providing adequate financial commitments; providers are unable to increase the level of care required by the community of clients as well as the work conditions and benefits for the Personal Care Assistants. Many PCA Agencies across the State of Minnesota face closing their doors after the 2019 ten percent pay increase the caregivers received with only a two percent reimbursement increase for providers. 

Providers want the opportunity to offer higher, livable wages to their caregivers along with benefits. In order to increase pay for the well-deserving Personal Care Assistants, again; Providers must receive an equitable reimbursement from the government agencies. 


As Providers and Caregivers we must stand together to create the necessary change to Personal Care Services in Minnesota.